Spring Bride…


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Absolutely stunning ladies yesterday, bridesmaid Tanya chose Bronze/Smokey eyes, Tazmin with soft Baby Pink with a Dark Pink Sapphire cut crease and the Beautiful Bride Rachel with a classic take on Vintage with soft Neutral eyes and small winged eyeliner.








I love using MAC Face & Body Foundation mixed with Maybelline Fit Me on all the girls. The results give such a smooth polished look with good coverage. The best Foundation brush I find is Illamasqua’s Highlighter Brush.

Contoured all 3 ladies with Illamasqua’s Sculpting Duo which includes the Highlighter.

Products used:
MAC Lipsticks
NARS Finishing Powder
Anastasia Beverley Hills Lavish Palette
NYX Dusk till Dawn Palette
MAC Cool Palette
Loreal Gel Eyeliner & Mascara
MAC Blush Pink Swoon
MAC Teddy Eyeliner.
NARS Primer
MAC Water Based Moisturuser

Rachel, I hope you had a beautiful day.

Thank you for taking the time to snap some gorgeous pictures.

Please use the enquiry form regarding Bridal enquires or Professional Make-up Courses. Facebook Page rockmylookartist.


Contouring & Highlighting Class…Staffordshire

Contouring & Highlighting Class…

Next up is the most wanted class and that is to learn how to contour and highlight our beautiful faces.

image image image image

For those who are less familiar with this Make-up term it is simply learning how to sculpt and define your face using trickery of creating shadows with depth and highlights to emphasise.
I will also go through concealment of under eyes, blemishes and any redness/rosacea.

This class is designed and tailored to each of you and your face shape. My face charts will demonstrate how and where to sculpt your face with ease and confidence.

As always in my workshops, you get to watch a live demonstration with step by step instructions, you will then have your workstation with mirror and products to get practical and put your new skills to the test. You will have my full support and one to one tuition so you feel confident that you can achieve how to contour and highlight.

You will receive a Full Palette by Illamasqua which includes the contouring, highlighting, blush, neutral eyeshadows to complete the look and eyebrow product.
You will also receive a 6 piece brush set from Crownbrush UK which are included. You will also take away a face chart that is unique to you, with my guidance notes to refer back to.

You will be entered into a little competition too, so one person from this group will win a Make-up goody!

I only have 6 spaces available on this course due to the time I like to dedicate to each of you.

The course is held in Wolstanton, Stoke on Saturday 31st Jan 10-5, Refreshments are provided with Kitchenette also. Please bring your own lunch.

The Course is £80pp cash on the day. £10 deposit required to confirm your space by 25th Jan.

Please message me or email rockmyloook@yahoo.co.uk.

Share with friends if you think they would like to come.


I’d rather wash my dishes…!


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Washing brushes is about as interesting as picking a chicken or beef dinner! I loathe it!!!

My point to this little post however is that all brushes are good brushes. I love premium brands and budget brands. They all serve a purpose and have the same dynamics.

There are always brushes that come in sets and these are great if you’re fairly new with using new tools!

Any brush will do anything, I always tell my classes that you can find a way to utilise them in different ways, for example a blending brush is great at buffing in concealer, a lip brush is fantastic at carving out the brows, and any angled brush is good at lip lining! Anything goes! If you see a brush and you have absolutely no idea what it’s for…give it a job and try.



Vintage Girl…


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Yesterday was the Vintage Class in Staffordshire, my students were amazing girls who really engaged and gave it their all. Awesome day!

The class focused on the ‘classic’ Vintage inspired look, demonstrating the following techniques:
Learning how to create a great skin canvas with liquids
A strong brow with a definitive arch
Prominent eyeliner with an extended wing
Perfect red lip

My model Kate looked the part afterwards and demonstrates how brows and lips can be exaggerated. Kate has very fine brows so I really went for the kill on her with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Ebony! I overdrew her lips too, you can really do this and make it look natural it’s just building your confidence.




The girls at work…





Products used included:
MAC Face & Body Foundation
Illamasqua Sculpting Duo
Illamasqua Concealer 135 & 335 to contour
Illamasqua Crush Cream Blush
Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner and Masquara
MAC Cool Eyeshadow Palette
MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick
Estée Lauder Classic Red Lipstick
Illamasqua Touch Lipgloss
Tarte Amazonian Clay Concealer

Snowflakes and Hearts…it’s nails inc!


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A little trip to Selfridges was on the cards this week and obviously one doesn’t come out empty handed!

I’m really fussy with nails, I know what I want and often think ooh I wish they did this…Hearts! There it was Alexa Chung editions, 7 festive shades of pure heaven including hearts, stars and snowflakes! So elegant and matched perfectly with the shades included.

I’m not a shellac or acrylic person at all, so I’m all about perfecting my own nails to the best I can! There has been many a night of ‘screw this’ wipe it off and forget about it!

I’m truly impressed with this collection well worth the spend £45. Dried quickly and the wider rounded brush covers the nail shape well.



Lash up…


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It’s all about the curling and coating! Tried a tested more Mascara’s then crew meals crossing the Atlantic, it’s all in the way we apply.

Curl ladies… Just for 10 seconds your lashes will instantly receive volume and definition.

Wiggle…from root to tip, this helps separate our lashes and deposit more product.

Sure there are some Mascara’s out there that clump more, cause fallouts and look dry. However the majority of good branded Mascara’s all have the same appeal and that is to make our lashes look fabulous!

I love so many different brands that I tend to swap and change rather than stick to one.

Flavour of the month at the moment is Benefit’s They’re Real, no.1 best seller in the UK for 2 years running! Pretty impressive. Certain that the massive cleavage on their packaging and billboards helps to sell these too!



Vampy Red…


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Lime Crime Velvetines are incredibly lustrous, their liquid to Matt formula works in seconds to give you the ultimate Matt finish.

These are so comfortable to wear and very long wearing, ranging in several colours I suggest everyone needs to own one of these!

You don’t need a lip liner with these products due to their wand allowing you to push the product to the edges and leaving a neat sharp line that doesn’t bleed.


I’ve paired mine with a black eye liner to get really dark vampy lips.



I actually said it out loud…!


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Lover of all things NARS, I checked their latest collections online to see what gleaming things could be heading my way, sure enough their NARS VAULT caught my complete attention! So much so I actually said out loud OMG!!


Did you do the same?!

This fortress of colours and sleek sophisticated black case just captures the essence of NARS, their creativity with colour and bold designs are utterly unique.

If you’ve yet to purchase anything by NARS you will firstly notice their Velvet Black Casing on their products, so exquisite and beautifully feminine. It’s their NARS signature touch finish. It makes you want to hold their products like it was born and made for the Marilyn Monroe!

Completely in ore of NARS and especially this limited edition Vault of 10 Audacious Lip Colours and Nail Varnishes in signature shades that remain timeless .



Feeling Festive Ombre Lip…


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Using Illamasqua Virgin (Red) & ESP (Purple) Lipsticks to create this soft Ombre effect.

Still incredibly proud to have been a part of creating the Virgin Red ️Lipstick with Illamasqua’s founder Julian Kynaston, see my ‘about me ‘ on my home page for more details.

Ombre lips give us a chance to alter the colour and change the dimensions of our lips by enhancing the shape to look fuller.

A good tip is to take a flat Lip/Eye brush which will help you push the product to the edge of your lips to neatly line them with the same colours.
The flat edge will carve the lips neatly for you and help prevent Lipstick bleeding.



Have you tried an Ombre lip? Do you have any pictures to share so you and you’re work can be featured on here…


Wing it in Winter…


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Gel Liner…Get steady precision and easy buildable, they’re smooth in texture and glide on effortlessly. Recommended Illamasqua Gel Liner and ELF Gel Liner.

Liquid Eyeliners…Great for creating the ‘Flick’ usually a pointed end which allows you to get right into the corners and neatly mimic a great wing with ease. takes some practice. Recommend Rimmel Glam Eyes and NYC Liquid Liner.

Pencils…great for smudging and creating the Smokey effect, you can get really close to the lash line with a pencil, sharpen your pencil and pull your eye taught to create the wing. Any pencil recommended, however my favourite has to be Giorgio Armani Smooth Pencils.